2.en.11 Describing People

In this post we’ll learn to make descriptions of people.


Basically you have to be able to give information about:

a) Appearance / Looks

b) Personality

c) Clothing

Let’s have a look at each of these elements:

A) Describing Appearance

This powerpoint can help you describe people.

See if you can use the information in it to describe someone in your family.

The questions you should be able to answer are:

What does your (father / mother / brother / sister / your best friend) look like?

B) Describing Personality

The question you should be able to answer is:

What is your (father / mother / brother / sister / your best friend) like?

Use the images and the presentation below:

Personality 1Personality 2




C) Describing People’s Clothes

You can answer the question:

What is he / she wearing?

Look at the images and the videos below:

clothes 2

Women's clothing

Men's clothing


  1. Bring a photo of someone in your family or a friend. Write his/her description. Include appearance, personality, clothing.
  2. Remember the film Matilda we watched at the end of the first term. We already described some scenes. Now you should be able to describe the main characters. Look at the pics below. Choose twn of the characters and write their description:

MatildaMr WormwoodMrs WormwoodMiss HoneyMiss TrunchbullLavenderBruce



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