Third Term


The third block revolves around leisure. As a starting point we shall analize how people spend their free time in different countries

This will trigger discussion on how leisure changes depending on you age, place of residence or others.


  • Listen to people talk about what Elizabethan theatre was like
  • Listen to and watch a video to find out what a iambic pentameter is
  • Listen to and watch videos of people talking about how they like to spend their leisure time.
  • Listen to and watch videos reviewing a play/film/ballet/opera
  • Listen to and watch different film trailers: Birdman, Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story.


  • Discuss with your peers how you spend your leisure time.
  • What do you expect poets/playwrights to be like? What about Inspiration?
  • Make an oral presentation on  one of the issues posed by the film Shakespeare in Love. Cross dressing; a play within a play; censorship; women in the entertainment business; arranged marriages.
  • Discuss possible settings for some Shakespeare plays
  • Discuss ethical issues posed by reality shows
  • Debate: Films versus Theatre
  • Compare changes in entertainment patterns according to sex/age/education
  • Talk about how people spend their leisure time.
  • Recite some poems/ Read aloud some play excerpts.


  • Read news stories connected with cultural issues.
  • Read texts from blogs and websites dealing performing arts.
  • Read  newspapers articles on new forms of entertainment.
  • Read non abridged articles on ethical issues posed by reality shows.
  • Read  a film/play  reviews of  films.
  • Read  interviews with film directors.


  • Write an opinion essay
  • Write a narrative using personification techniques: My life as…
  • Write a short review of a play/film
  • Write a plot outline of one of Shakespeare’s plays.
  • Write summaries  of class sessions.
  • Write a summary of a talk.
  • Write speech bubbles.

Language knowledge and usage

  • Questions/tag questions
  • Reported speech
  • Relative clauses
  • Passive tenses
  • Functional language: agreeing and disagreeing
  • Adverbs


  • Entertainment
  • Realities/TV shows/Concerts/ Shows
  • Idioms with play
  • Performing Arts
  • Theatre
  • Film versus Play
  • Dance/Opera/music
  • Sports