2.en.06 What do you know about AIDS? Writing an article 2

On Monday 4th February we attended a talk about AIDS. The two speakers were Roger Badia, researcher at IrsiCaixa (Institut de la recerca de la SIDA) and Jordi San José (architect and graphic designer).

 Jordi San José & Roger Badia at Caixafòrum Palma

Roger talked about HIV and AIDS and the mechanisms of transmission of the virus and the the origin and development of the illness.

Jordi offered a personal account of his experience as HIV+ (indetectable).

Use the information you gathered at the talk to write a short newspaper article. This time your article must take the shape of an interview:

Click on the pic below to learn a bit more about how to write one

One of the most useful language tools when transcribing an interview is the REPORTED SPEECH.

Click on the image below to learn how to use it:

Useful links:


Divulgación y prevención del SIDA

Newspaper articles:

Diario de Mallorca

Ultima Hora

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