2.en.05 The eyes are the windows to the soul

windows of the soul

How many different emotions can humans feel?

The idea that emotions are biologically determined and universal to human cultural dates back to Charles Darwin who in 1857 published a book titled The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. Years later, an American psychologist, Paul Ekman, found the facial expression of basic emotions to be universal.

Have a look at the facial expressions below. Can you identify the different emotions?

Emotions mute

Here you have the descriptions of these six basic emotions. Match them to the facial expressions:

Emotions definition

How could we use our knowledge about emotions to guide our thinking and behaviour? This is what has been called Emotional Intelligence:

The Marshmallow Test

How you ever eaten marshmallows?

Could you resist the temptation of eating one?

Let’s see what happened to a group of kids:


Read the article in the link below to find out more about this test

The Marshmallow Test

Emotions Vocabulary

Use the links below to learn some useful expressions when talkimg about emotions:



Emotional Vocabulary List

Feelings & Emotions Vocabulary


How to improve your emotional intelligence

Listen to a talk by a university professor about how to imrove your emotional intelligence


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