3.en.10 Conducting a survey


In groups you are going to conduct a survey about how people  spend their free time.

Based on the questionnaries we have seen in class you have to create your own questionnaire. You’ll have to decide:

  • Number of questions (15)
  • The type of questions (open; closed; multiple choice, …)
  • Whether you’d like to present the results comparing different social groups according to age, sex, nationality, place of residence, …

Once you have conducted the survey, you’ll have to present the results using charts:

The most common types of charts are:



Click on the images to get to web page where you can learn how to comment on your results using different types of charts.

Well, then, the only question left is whether you know how to make a chart. Any volunteers?

Click on the links below if you need extra help:

  1. Create a chart from start to finish
  2. How to create a Chart or Graph in EXCEL
  3. Charts
  4. Chart Tool
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