3.en.09 Leisure

Leisure time word cloud

How do you spend your leisure time?

Look at the activities in the box. Are you familiar with them?


How do you think people in Britain make the most of their free time? Is it similar of different from here in Spain?

let’s see if things are different in the UK. In the video below we will learn what British people like doing in their leisure time:

Yes, but where does the word leisure come from? Read the text below:

Article Leisure

Click on the photo below to learn a bit more about leisure:

Now, look at the pic below. Can you identify what activity is shown?

We are going to learn how Penny likes to spend her free time.

Click on the image below to learn what Penny says about her hobby:

Have you ever thought why people have hobbies? What can the benefits of having hobbies be? Let’s what some reserachers from the University of Florida have to tell us:

Leisure reading

Answering a survey

How do you spend your free time?

Doing a survey is a good way to find out about your leisure habits and maybe learn about how to make the m0st of your free time.

You can try any of the questionnaires below:

Weekend Leisure Activities

Leisure Time Activities

20 Questions

Follow the links to learn some useful vocabulary to talk about hobbies and free time.

What do these three questionnaires have in common? What is different?

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