3.en.12 Let’s use our noodles: organizing a meal


This term we are going to organize a meal for a group of friends. We will follow these steps:

Design a menu consisting of three courses.

You should decide on a starter, a main course and dessert. These must be dishes you can cook easily.

2. Check the recipe

Make a list of ingredients you need. You must be careful about the quantitites!

3. Write a shopping list

Make the list of the things you need to buy.

Remember you’ll need to bring this list to the outing to Mercat de S’Olivar.

Organizing the groups. Expressions about food

Before you start working we need to split the class into different groups. Every group must have a name related to food Look at the list below these are expressions used in everyday English which include words connected with food. Try to guess what they mean.

Food idioms














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