1.en.7 Changes in town: Sta. Catalina

Logo aniversaryOur school, Ramon Llull, celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.  From the outside, the building looks pretty much the same but what about daily life at school?what was daily life like 100 years ago?

Look at the two photos below: Can you see any differences?

Institut old photoInstitut modern photo

Outing to Santa Catalina

Wednesday 11th of November we shall go on an outing to visit Santa Catalina neighbourhood. We shall stop in different places during our walk. You will be able to compare the urban landscape around you with some old pictures you’ll have in your dossier. Your teachers will tell you some stories which are hidden behind the walls of some buildings. Aren’t you curious about your city’s past?

1. Comparing photos

A) These two pictures taken from the Cathedral are separated by 100 years.

  • Can you locate Santa Catalina?
  • What are some of the differences that struck you at first sight?

Captura de pantalla 2014-10-19 a la(s) 8.04.51 PM

B) Looking at street maps

Sta Catalina

2. Preparing the outing

During the visit you’ll have to take notes and photos of different elements:

a) Street plan

b) Houses

c) Restaurants and cafés

d) Atmosphere of the neighbourhood

e) Shops

antique shop – baker’s – barber’s – bookshop – boutique – butcher’s – cake shop – chemist’s – coffee shop – dry cleaner’s – fishmonger’s – florist’s -greengrocer’s – grocery – hairdresser’s – jeweller’s – mall – newsagent’s – optician’s – pet shop – shoe shop- supermarket- toy shop- ironmonger – tobacconist

f) Interesting buildings and monuments

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