1.en.4 The history of street signs

We are going to learn how traffic and road signs have changed the way we move around  in the city and on the road.

In order to learn about them we are going to visit a website: The History of Street Signs

Before we read the history of traffic signs, look at the questions below. Can you answer any of them?

  • How old are traffic signs?
  • Why did people need road signs before cars existed?
  • What is a Milestone?
  • What s the meaning of the sentence: “All roads lead to Rome”?
  • For what purpose did cycling organizations started posting signs?
  • What did the skull -and -crossbone sign mean?

skull and crossbones

  • How old is the STOP sign?


  • Why do street signs have different shapes?


  • Who can benefit from “talking signs”?

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