1.en.3 The secret life of traffic lights

Have a look at the image below:

  • Do you like it?
  • What does it make you think of?
  • What do you think it is used for?
  • What about if we had chosen a traffic light with a red light?
  • How much do you know about traffic lights? How old are they? Who invented them? Are they the same all over the world?

Ask Virtudes, your German teacher, to tell you the story of the Ampelmann


Here is a short video about the secret life of traffic lights. Let’s see if you like it

Are you ready to learn more about traffic lights now?

  • How much do you know about traffic lights?
  • How old are they? 10 / 25/ 50/75/100/200 year old
  • Who invented them?
  • Where were they used for the very first time?

Watch this video made by Siemens, a German company that manufactures traffic lights. Let’s see if your guesses were correct. Also, apart from learning interesting facts about traffic lights, you will get good practice with dates and figures

Homework: Watch the video again and answer the following questions

  • what were the colour of the two lamps that controlled the traffic in London in 1914?
  • What was the city with the heaviest traffic in Europe in 1924?
  • What happened in the 60’s?
  • How were traffic lights controlled in the 80’s?
  • Can we say that nowadays traffic lights are intelligent? Why?
  • Which of the following statements are mentioned in the video
  1.           Traffic lights react to traffic flow
  2.           Traffic lights react to weather change
  3.           Traffic lights react if drivers are drunk
  4.           traffic lights react if drivers speed up
  5.           new technologies let you control traffic lights all over the world
  • How many sets of traffic lights does the German  factory produce a year?
  • Why is LED technology more efficient?
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